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Bathroom Remodeling in Los Angeles

We’ll meet your deadlines and stay within your budget when it comes to your custom dream bathroom remodel. It’s all about the fine details when it comes to renovating a bathroom. If you are searching for the most reliable, competent, and cost-effective bathroom renovation contractor in Los Angeles that you can trust, your search is done.

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About Our Company

Welcome to 3000 Construction where every project is given the personal attention that such a major investment deserves! We understand that knowledge and professionalism are only the beginning. Serving customers also involves being accessible, and we are committed to earning lifelong customers. We are a licensed, insured, and bonded family-owned custom home remodeling company.

We specialize in high-end custom homes, new construction, additions, remodeling, bathroom, kitchen, and gaming room construction projects, among others. Additionally, we are experts in high-end, finished carpentry.3000 Construction is a true reflection of its founder, Enrique Hernandez, who was shaped by humble beginnings. Enrique is driven by a passion for construction and a commitment to honesty, hard work, and attention to detail.

Customer Reviews

What People Say About Working With Us

Keith Lee
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"We've worked on several projects together and I would recommend Enrique for any construction project you might have on hand. They do quality work. Period. I am waiting to start the next house with him if the city can get their act together and issue the permits."
George Nazzal
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"Enrique at 3000 construction has done all my home renovation needs even a new pool that my family loves and enjoys often. 4 years in and the pool still looks brand new."
Rupin P.
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"I added a 1000 sf addition upstairs on existing house he quoted me a very good price and the work was done in a professional manner and time And the quality was excellent very happy with his work thank You Enrique"

Why You Should Remodel Your Bathroom

Your bathroom may be lined with blue, pink, green, or white tiles that were once popular but are now out of style. Are your cabinets stained or in poor condition? If you despise every aspect of your bathroom, you may be ready for a complete bathroom remodel. Modernizing your bathroom is a wonderful reason to remodel it.

It could be as simple as repainting the walls and upgrading the fixtures, or it could require a total demolition. Who doesn’t enjoy a little luxury in life? No one. By remodeling and modernizing your bathroom, you can create a space that you are proud of and want to spend time in. Investing in a place where you spend a huge amount of time is unquestionably a wise decision.
Master bathroom in new luxury home with double vanity
Our skilled team will help you bring your bathroom into the 21st century by installing cutting-edge technology. You can adjust your shower’s temperature and water pressure digitally, as well as play your favorite music. We can install a high-tech toilet with a lid that automatically opens and closes and can be modified for each user.

Bathroom Remodels - Dream Bigger We’ll Build Better

Is your bathroom old and in need of remodeling? Our Los Angeles bathroom remodelers are able to assist you with all of your bathroom remodeling needs. There are numerous ways to modify and modernize the appearance of your bathroom. Some possible renovations include replacing the bathroom fixtures, putting a new bathroom sink and vanity, and installing new flooring.

Our bathroom remodeling experts will transform your ideas into a stunning design. Then, they will implement the idea to create a bathroom that fits your unique needs. Our team will provide you with a bathroom that is visually appealing, functionally enhanced, and within your budget.

Our Unique Process of Bathroom Remodeling

Once the design for your new bathroom has been finalized, our team will begin the demolition. Depending on the scope of the bathroom remodel, our team will implement the required plumbing, electrical, and structural changes.
You are entrusted with buying and verifying your new lighting, floor, bathtub and shower items, toilets, and countertop. There are so many constantly updated options with cutting-edge technology, water-saving features, and eco-friendly components. How long have you been moaning about the lighting in your bathroom? New lighting will change everything, from your showering experience to how you shave and apply makeup in the morning.

We will help you consider the future. You require a bathroom that is secure and functional for the coming years. Perhaps this is why you are renovating your bathroom. In either case, now is the moment to add safety bars and walk-in showers, so you have the support and peace of mind you deserve. We will ensure that your bathroom is aesthetically pleasing and expertly designed for years to come.
3d modern contemporary grey concrete bathroom with round mirror
bathroom with good quality materials used

What Makes Us a Good Fit

3000 Construction is the premier bathroom remodeling contractor in Los Angeles. We can assist you in bringing your remodeling vision to life, regardless of style or concept. We will help you choose the style that best suits you from a variety of possibilities. If you choose us for custom bathroom renovation, the sky is the limit. Contact us today at 3000 Construction to discuss your Los Angeles bathroom renovation and receive a free estimate. We want to assist you in designing the dream living area that will provide you with years of happiness.

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Bathroom Designed Specifically For You

We always get down with our clients to discuss their home renovation needs and objectives. Our mission is to understand your vision for the ideal bathroom and implement it. For us, an excellent bathroom renovation incorporates both aesthetics and functionality.

We’ll do one last walk-through before we’re done to make sure everything works as it should. This last walk-through will allow you to ensure that your new space is functioning properly and to identify any issues that need to be addressed. If you are dissatisfied with any part of your new bathroom, please contact us and we will address the situation.

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